Adoption and Homeschooling

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        Thursday:  Homeschooling and Adoption

        Friday:  Adoption and Sensory Issues

Just like adoption has been an unexpected blessing for our family, so has homeschooling.  I went from saying “I would never do that!”, to homeschooling six children for the last seven years.  

Homeschooling has allowed us flexibility to take our children on adoption trips when we were adding to our family, and to not feel pressured to get unready kids ready for a traditional school.

Of course, like adoption, homeschooling is not for everyone.  It has worked well for our family and for these particular children.  It may not always prove to be best, but right now this is what works.

Homeschooling allows us to be together and build attachment .  Parent to child attachment and sibling to sibling attachment.  While some days it seems like there is too much togetherness and everyone needs a break, homeschooling gives everyone the chance to work through issues – there’s just no getting away from one another!

Some of our children have some learning quirks and we are able to work at their pace.  It greatly minimizes frustration on both sides.  Notice I said “minimize”, because we sure do have our days, but we have the choice to put a lesson away for a bit and come back to it at a later date.

It’s fun to focus our activities on an area of learning that our children are developing.  Have a budding farmer?  make a popcorn cake for National Popcorn Day {January 19th}.  Have a bird lover? Sign up to count birds, read a book and do an easy activity.

Of course it’s important to get to the 4 R’s as I call them, religion, reading, math, and writing, but those subjects need not take all day.  Then there is plenty of time for equally important activities, like learning how to be a part of a family.        It doesn’t get any more real than that.

Attachment is a life long process, but most of our children will only be living in our homes for a short period of time.  We need to make the most of that time together, creating and building positive memories, strengthening our bond as a family.

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  1. Delana Stewart says

    Great article! I plan on featuring some points from your article and including a link in an upcoming article I am working on. Blessings, Delana

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