Common Objections to Homeschooling

It’s completely normal to be intrigued by the whole Homeschooling thing, yet still be plagued by doubts.  I would expect nothing less while making such a huge decision.  Rest assured, if you have a doubt, someone else has had it too.

I’m answering a few common objections to Homeschooling, with my own thoughts as well as thoughts from some other experienced homeschooling moms.  Please know if God has called you and your family to homeschool- you can do this!

Not a Real Teacher – Study after study has shown that a Homeschooling parent does not need a teaching degree, or any college degree for that matter in order to effectively teach a child.  You love and know your child better than any other person, that right there qualifies you to teach! REALLY!

No Patience – Just ask my husband if I have patience, he will get a good laugh over that one!  I am no June Cleaver.  Homeschooling is as much an opportunity for me to grow and learn as it is for my children.  My children, this calling,  challenges me, in a good way, to be the wife and mother that God created me to be.  We have our moments, but all in all I know I’m right where I’m supposed to be.

What to do About Babies & Toddlers – Every family is different and it depends greatly on your family size too.  Each  year will be different depending on the ages of the older children.  Having older children read to or play with younger children can be very beneficial.  Know that it can be done and can be done well! There are lots of tips and tricks available for making your day go smoothly, without neglecting anyone.

When Family & Friends Object – It can be a challenge when family and friends disagree over any decision we have made. Be confident about your decision.  Only you can know what is best for your family, and only you can know what God has called your family to do.

Homeschool Haters

Socialization – the easy answer to this is don’t kids go to school to be educated not socialized?  My children can manage just fine in a wide variety of social situations and with a wide variety of people.  They are involved with our parish, in sports, scouts, and regularly play with neighbors and friends. 

No Time For Me – I’ll be very frank, having your kids home all day verses being at school will not leave you with much free time.  This is where you have to weigh what is best for your children and your family as a whole.  I heard a quote recently “You have 25% of your child’s life to prepare him for the remaining 75% of his life” (Amanda Bennet).  

What is your objection to homeschooling?

Tomorrow I’m talking about Homeschooling Methods

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  1. Patty says

    Each family and each year is truly different. Being confident, as you stated above, is such an important factor! I had three bad years in a row…major life changes (birth, death, new job, relocation.) I was so bummed and tired and depressed. Really wanted to quick, but realized I hadn’t given myself enough time. I decided to wait it out and take a nice, long summer break. By the end of that summer, I continued on refreshed and regrouped. That following year ended up being THE best year in homeschooling.

  2. Jen4Ever4Always says

    So true! Sometimes we really do have to persevere through the rough years to get to the good years!

  3. St_Donatus says

    I so admire women who home school. It is truly a challenge but with wonderful benefits. The benefit I appreciate the most is how close their children seem to stay to the Catholic Church after becoming adults. Yes, there are those that leave, but rather then 75% of them leaving, it might be 10% leave the Church.

  4. Christina Channell says

    I have a teaching degree and still get accosted about my qualifications to teach my own child! My favorite answer? “Well I’m qualified to teach yours.” :)

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