Must Have Homeschooling Items for a Large Family

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1. Pencil Sharpener – A Heavy Duty Sharpener and lots and lots of pencils.  Lots of pencils.

2.  Amazon Prime Account – Well, well worth the $79 per year to 2 day shipping all the time.  At this season of life it’s much easier for me than going to the library.

3.  Transportation – Unless you live in a big city with public transportation, you will need some sort of big vehicle to get your crew on all those fun field trips.  Maybe even with room for a friend or two.

4.  Laminator – Helpful if you have items that you want to reuse from child to child.  Also can be helpful for making visual schedules for pre-readers or special needs children.

5.  Colored Pencils – I have picked up enough broken crayons to last a lifetime.  It’s colored pencils for us from here on out.

6. Physical Activity for Everyone – yes, that includes you!  Exercise relieves stress and helps the brain function better, plus gives you more energy.  We all need that.

7.  A Plan for the Day – Scheduling our Day , Morning Routine, however you do it, it’s important to have a plan for the day.

8.  Flexibility – This doesn’t need much explanation and it’s definitely a necessity.  We can make all kinds of great plans, but sometimes we just need to go with the flow!

9.  Perseverance – Everyone talks about patience, but perseverance is really more important.  Write down your mission statement, know your “why” for doing this homeschooling thing.  It will help you get through the hard days.

10.  Grace – There are 7-8 of us together all day, most days.  We need to extend a lot of grace around here.

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