For the New Homeschool Mom

For the New Homeschool Mom

New Homeschool Mom

So here it is, the beginning of the homeschool year.

So much anticipation, anxiety, plans and research. Perhaps a bit of dread. Did we really decide to do this?

I might as well have told people that we were going to relocate to the moon when we said we were going to homeschool.

When I was researching homeschooling, one book assured me that if I could potty train my child I could homeschool – all good and well except at the time my 3 year old wasn’t even fully potty trained! Ugh.

When my oldest was set to start Kindergarten I didn’t know any other homeschooling moms. At least not ones that lived near me. Everyone else was going to Kindergarten round-up and preparing for the school year. I was kind of twiddling my thumbs wondering if I made a huge mistake. I mean it would have been fun to buy a cute little backpack and lunch box!

All I knew was that I didn’t want this sweet little face away from me all day. Did that make me a weird mom? One that couldn’t cut the apron strings? Perhaps, but I didn’t really care.

For the New Homeschool Mom

{Jacob, our oldest, is in the middle – this was the morning after we arrived home with Sarah!}

Homeschooling Doubts

Here’s the good news, it’s very hard to mess up Kindergarten. In fact, I think it’s impossible.

If you are taking kids from a traditional school environment and starting to homeschool, while I don’t have personal experience with that scenario, rest assured it will be okay. Yes, you will have some weeks in the beginning when you are getting used to a new normal. But that happens to everyone when adjusting to a new routine.

If you really know your “why” for homeschooling and know it’s the best decision for your family at that particular time, it’s much easier to navigate the waters of negativity you may get from others.

Be prepared for hard days. They come when your kids are all young and you can’t make a move without stepping on someone, to when they are in their tweens and teens trying to exert some independence. Just when you think you have things figured out, someone has to go and change on you – trust me, I know this one!

Here’s a little secret. Even the moms who have been homeschooling forever and look like they have it all together still struggle, still have doubts, still wonder if this whole homeschooling experiment is just a giant fail. I know this well too.

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