9 Things I Never Knew About Florida

9 Things I Never Knew About Florida

9 Things I Never Knew About Florida

When we told people we were moving to Florida, we got all sorts of reactions. Many people commented on how hot it is and that we needed to watch out for sinkholes and hurricanes.  The truth is there is no perfect place to live, every area of the country has its positives and negatives.  Undesirable weather can happen anywhere, this past winter was brutal!

There is no perfect location, but Florida sure comes close for us.  I know we aren’t the only ones, I get e-mails each week from people who are contemplating a move to Florida or some other warm part of the country.  Here are a things that we have learned since living in Florida:

Living in Florida

Dirty Feet – I know. Gross. But, it’s one of the hazards of living in flip-flops in the sunny state! No one wants to walk around with dirty feet/heels so unless you can afford and have time for a pedicure each week, you need to take action. I recommend this Cracked Heel Remedy, I also like to use this from Vermont Bee Balm Co,(my sister sends me this from VT!) and put my socks on and go to bed.  Viola! When you wake up, sparkling clean feet.

Things I Didn't Know About Living in Florida

Fire Ants – Ugh.  These are a bit of a pain. They hurt and are annoying.  If you remember Leah had a horrible reaction to fire ants. Now when we are going to be outside anywhere, baseball field, lacrosse field, soccer, or park I don’t leave home without the Benadryl. Lesson learned.

It’s not ALWAYS Sunny – Every once in a while we have a day or two of rain.  Not just an afternoon shower, but a whole day of rain. If we ever have more than a couple of “all day” days of rain we all go a little stir-crazy.  It didn’t take us long at all to get used to being outside frequently.

It does get cold – Cold is a very relative term.  While it didn’t get Minnesota -60 degrees cold here this winter, we still had some nights when it dipped into the 30′s  - that’s cold enough for me.  Then we had many days that hovered in the 50′s.  I mean,  we had to wear coats!

Sports umbrellas are a must – The sun is wonderful and there is a time and a place to enjoy the rays. However, sitting at a sporting field is not one of them!  Now I understand why everyone brings an umbrella with them, it isn’t for the rain! We have hem and hawed about what kind of sports canopy to buy, these seem so big, but I guess by the time most all of us fit underneath, there isn’t much room left.  These umbrella chairs would work too.  Otherwise you look like this: {note, this isn’t me it’s one of the kids}

Things I Didn't Know About Living in Florida

Alligators aren’t such a big deal – When we were in the beginning stages of discerning our move to Florida, we had many concerns about the wildlife, especially the alligators.  It turns out that we worried over nothing.  We have a pond in our backyard and have seen plenty of alligators.  However, the kids stay out of the pond, don’t antagonize (or try and feed) the gators, and there are quieter spots for the alligators to hang out in than our backyard. Educating ourselves and our children has been key.  Don’t get me wrong it’s still neat to see them – the kids go crazy – but I’m not especially worried about them.

Everyone is from someplace else – We have met very few born and raised Floridians. Most of the people we know started out in another part of the country. Mostly up north.  The perception is that most of the people moving to Florida are retirees, but there are plenty of families relocating to Florida as well.

We will never run out of things to do – I was pretty sure about this one before we moved, but now I’m positive. We can’t possibly do everything in the state, even with all of the field trips we have been on.  Besides, we keep repeating all of the things we love most.

Don’t get tired of the blue skies and palm trees – This I knew for sure! I did not miss the gray skies of the midwest at all this winter.  Or the snow.  Or the cold.

Things I Didn't Know About Living in Florida

 Where is your “perfect for you” place to live?

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