5 Ways to Use a Timer in Your Homeschool

5 Ways to Use a Timer in Your Homeschool

5 Ways to Use a Timer in Your Homeschool

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I went to the FPEA Special Needs/Struggling Learner Conference in Orlando before Thanksgiving. Several times I was reminded of the benefits of using a timer in our homeschool. Not only can it benefit our struggling learners, it can be a benefit to typical kids as well as to a homeschooling mom!

I came home from the conference and promptly ordered a timer from Amazon (oh, how would Amazon survive without me?).

Yes, I could use the timer on the microwave/oven, but I like to be able to carry it around the house, the kids can see it and hear it better too. I could also use a timer on my phone, but I try to have that out of the way during school time so it’s not a distraction.

Here is how we have been using a timer with success:

Using a Timer in Our Homeschool

1. Copywork – I also came away from the conference being convicted that copywork is a MUST for my children. It helps with everything, spelling, grammar, reading, handwriting – the ultimate in multitasking. More importantly, copywork (more specifically the handwriting) helps to organize the brain. Perhaps I should add copywork to my day too! Just 10 short minutes can make a huge difference. In fact, 10 minutes of copywork per day can double a child’s reading level in just half a year.

2. Breaks Outside – I have one child that is like Houdini. If I walk away for a second or help someone else, he disappears! However, if he knows he has a break coming up then he is much more likely to stay on task. When I can tell he needs a break, I can set the timer and then send him outside. The timer helps in two ways, he knows he has a limited amount of time to be outside and I can set the timer so I don’t get distracted and forget to reign him back in. Also, this works for the reluctant outsider too. If your child knows that he or she only has to be outside for a short time, it’s not so daunting.

3. Exercise Breaks – Physical activity is not only good for our bodies but for our brains as well. Making time to fit physical exercise into the schedule is well worth it. Set the timer for 10-15 minutes and do a few brain break exercises.


4. Sharing the Cat – or sharing anything for that matter! In a big family it’s almost a must :)

5 Ways to Use a Timer in Your Homeschool

5. Chore Time – Another option for break time during the day is chore time. More specifically, “let’s set the timer and see how much we can get done in 15 minutes!”. Making a game out of clean up time is good for everyone. It lightens the mood, the kids have fun and are more engaged when they are racing against the clock. Plus, you get a cleaner house!

I love it when small, simple things make a difference in our day. Do you use a timer in your homeschool?

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