My Favorite BASIC Homeschool Supplies

Favorite BASIC Homeschool Supplies

Favorite BASIC Homeschool Supplies

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Back to school time makes my heart go pitter patter. I love, love, love school supplies, office supplies, and planning supplies – but, I do NOT love clutter.

Having 6 children and homeschooling 5 of them means by nature we have clutter. It’s a constant battle to keep things pared down, but still have a good stock of supplies on hand when we need them. Otherwise I’m tempted to make an office supply store run or fill up my Amazon cart with more stuff we really do not need.

Here is my basic, no-frills keep-it-simple-momma, homeschool supplies shopping list:

Homeschool Supplies Shopping List

Pencil Sharpener – This is our very favorite pencil sharpener. Heavy duty, made to last. I just ordered a new one, our previous one lasted 2 years. For us and a pencil sharpener that is practically eternity!

Pencils – Hands down the best pencils. They sharpen nicely and write well too.

Pens – My favorite pen to write with and my son loves to draw with them as well.

Colored Pencils – I’m so over broken crayons. So.over.them. Now I only buy colored pencils. Multicultural too, say what?!

Highlighters – Basic works best in our house.

Spiral Notebooks – Again. Basic is best.

Journals – My two older girls use these to write journal entries most days.

Graph Paper – A lifesaver for math. Especially as kids get older and start doing longer problems like the dreaded long division. Who invented long division anyway??!

Velcro – I use this to stick various things on the wall, mostly for our calendar work.

Binders – We use these for portfolios and for our Power Hour Binders

Post it Notes – I like to use various size post it notes, but I particularly like this size. Great for marking pages in books with room for jotting notes to help you remember just why you marked the page. Maybe that’s only me? 😉

Stapler – The cheap one works the best! I have tried the “cuter” looking ones and they fail. Stick to what works, that’s why it is a best seller. Don’t forget the staples.

3 Hole Punch – Mine has lasted forever.

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