5 Days of Great Family Read Alouds

5 Days of Great Family Read Alouds

5 Days of Great Family Read Alouds

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The research on the importance of reading to our young children is undeniable. Reading actually affects the development of the brain. Sometimes we forget though, that as they get older reading aloud continues to remain important!

Family Reading Time


Just because your children can read on her own doesn’t mean we stop the family read aloud time. Actually as the kids get older your family can start to get into more meaty books, books that cause you and your children to think and to discuss topics that would not normally come up in daily activities of life. Reading great books is one of the easiest and best things you can do for your children!

Throughout the next five days I’m going to share books that our family adores. Just five great books each day.

Why five?

It isn’t because I can’t think of more excellent titles, it just that five is a very manageable list and not overwhelming. When I see longer book lists my problem is I want ALL the books. With these lists you can get ALL the books because there are only five!

I’m going to start with the littles in the family and work my way up through the week. I hope you enjoy!

Our 5 Favorite Board Books

While we no longer read too many board books around here, I still love to give them as gifts when someone I know is having or adopting a baby. Who needs another cute onsie when you can give the gift of a board book? Books are excellent for drooling on, chewing corners and throwing out of cribs :)

These are books that I memorized from reading them over and over to our children.

Here are our favorites:

Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? – A classic! This is often one of the first books that children can “read” it back to a parent too. A great confidence builder.


The Big Red Barn – My animal loving son requested this book every night before he went to sleep for a long time.

More, More, More Said the Baby – Kids enjoy listening to this book and love seeing other babies. A nice multicultural book too. We read this over and over again.


Hop on Pop – My oldest son’s favorite book. I can’t tell you how many afternoons we spent reading this book!


Goodnight Moon – A classic on pretty much everyone’s list. It’s on all the lists for a reason – it’s just plain fun to read. Kids love it.

We have read many, many board books over the years but these are our absolute favorites. What is your favorite board book?

Complete 5 Day series:

1. Favorite Board Books

2. Favorite Picture Books – Tuesday

3. Favorite Chapter Books – Wednesday

4. Favorite Books To Be Read – Thursday

5. Favorite Books for Mom – Friday

Further Reading Resources

Pinterest Board – Books Worth Reading

Our Favorite Adoption Books

Read Aloud Revival Podcast – if you love to read this podcast is a must!

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