Homeschool Middle School and High School Resources

Homeschool Middle School & High School Resources

Homeschool Middle School & High School Resources

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I really dislike the term “it takes a village” however, when it comes to homeschooling high school I can see the merits.  It’s a daunting task.  I freaked out over having a Kindergartener and not wanting to screw anything up, so you can imagine my anxiety over having to actually do high school!

My research though is beginning to relieve some of my anxiety.  All my anxiety won’t go away until I’m officially done with my homeschooling days – in 11 more years.  Did I really just say 11 more years?!?!

I’m hoping by 8th grade we will be pretty confident with the core of what we have been using.  Math U See has worked well for us and I don’t see us changing, we can use it all through high school.  We will continue with Seton Religion so that is another subject checked off my list.

We need to work on a high school level science program.  We are all attending the FPEA Convention next month and hope that will help give us a sense of direction and a chance for us to look at some resources together.

Making a list and starting to plug in some of our known choices makes high school as a whole seem less daunting.  I want to provide a good core, but also leave room for things to change as interests grow and change.

Homeschooling high school doesn’t have to be so scary!  These are some resources I’m both using and mulling over.

High School Resources

1.  Fortuigence – On-line writing courses.  Jacob has the opportunity to take an Expository Essay writing course right now now.  The classes are 10% off right now until April 28th.  Writing has been a weakness in our homeschool and it’s definitely nice to have some extra guidance in this area.  Since writing is also somewhat subjective, it’s good to have criticism coming from another person rather than just “Mom is being mean”.

2.  Homeschool Connections – An excellent selection of on-line classes with a Catholic focus. This is a good way to add some variety to what we are studying.

3.  Tapestry of Grace – Tapestry of Grace is a classical curriculum for grades K-12th grade.  With this program things are pretty well laid out for us for history, literature and writing all through high school.

4.  High School of Your Dreams – The is a resource that I just ordered and I’m looking forward to going through this with my 7th grader. I will keep you posted on my thoughts.

5.  The HomeScholar – A wealth of information, much of it free!  A great place to start if you are feeling lost.

6. No More Lemonade – This is a new on the scene homeschool curriculum for encouraging and training our children to be entrepreneurs.  Start early and your little entrepreneur could be paying their own way through college!

What is your favorite middle school and/or high school resource?  What should I be checking out?

Homeschooling the Middle & High School Years

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