Why we are switching from Tapestry of Grace to Paths of Progress

Why we are switching from Tapestry of Grace to Paths of Progress in our Homeschool

Why we are switching from Tapestry of Grace to Paths of Progress in our Homeschool

Curriculum is such a personal choice. There is no one size fits all – thank goodness! After almost 8 years of homeschooling it seems like I should have it all figured out, know exactly what works and what doesn’t.

Believe me I wish I did!

However, my kids keep growing and changing on me, not to mention our family dynamics as a whole.

I was excited about using Tapestry of Grace, I thought it would be a good fit for our family. I loved the idea of all the kids on the same page as far as the time period we were studying.

I was wrong.

What Didn’t Work in Tapestry of Grace for Us

- Mom intensive each week. In a big, busy family it was just too much. (If mamma ain’t happy…) I needed to take my own advice and ditch what wasn’t working and what was ultimately causing me more stress.

- Many of the books for the younger grades were too challenging for my younger kids. (We have some special needs)

- A ton of reading. I like that part, but I don’t have a bunch of strong, independent readers so that put more work on me.

- Units moved very quickly. I realize I could slow things down at any time however it left me feeling like we weren’t getting anything “done”. I know that’s my own issue.

- Too many different books each week and our week felt too scattered.

What We Missed About Trail Guide’s Path Series

- Notebooking. I know I could have searched for my own note booking pages each week but it seemed like a huge amount of extra work and time I didn’t have and didn’t want to spend.

- Discussion. We had a ton of great discussions when we were using Paths of Exploration. I just could never get the same types of discussions going with TOG.

- The books included are all very engaging.

- Copywork & Dictation. Again, I could have done this on my own, but it would have taken more work.

Why we are switching from Tapestry of Grace to Paths of Progress in our Homeschool

The final and most important reason I switched?

My kids would talk over and over about how much they loved learning about Christopher Columbus and Lewis and Clark from Paths of Exploration. More importantly they still remember a ton from that one year. So often they would say “remember when we did POE?” Even my hard to please 13 year old said “I can’t wait to start Paths of Progress”.

I try not to be a curriculum jumper. I resisted switching from Tapestry, I really wanted it to work for us. Reluctantly I had to fact the fact that it wasn’t working.

No curriculum is perfect, that’s true. But the time has come for us to just move on.

My three older kids 8th, 6th, and 5th will be doing Paths of Progress and my younger three will be doing volume 4 of Five in a Row. I’m super excited to be getting back to FIAR!

What about you? Have you ever abandoned a curriculum in the mid part of the year?

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